4 Tips to Optimize your Scheduling and Dispatching

4 Tips to Optimize your Scheduling and Dispatching

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin
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Effective scheduling for your field technicians is a multi-faceted challenge. Dispatchers are the crux to driving your business forward. They must balance the demands of customers and provide information and flexibility to your field technicians. Field Service Management software like MarginPoint FieldPlus has enabled field service companies to gain better visibility and optimization of their schedules. Still, over 52% of companies rely on manual methods such as spreadsheets. Let’s take a look at how utilizing a Field Service Management solution can optimize your scheduling.

Visibility of the entire workforce: Managing field techs can be a cumbersome task. Having the ability to detail each tech’s schedule is helpful to the dispatcher and beneficial to the overall customer experience. MarginPoint FieldPlus gives you the ability to enter appointment times for time off, meetings, or other events. Dispatchers also can drag and drop events to allow for flexibility and alleviating errors or double booking.

Visit Management for Service Agreements: Service agreements benefit customers by ensuring their equipment remains under warranty. Service agreements increase your ROI by nurturing your customer base and potentially increasing opportunities for replacement sales. With FieldPlus Visit Management, you can track and schedule all visits, ensuring your agreements are fulfilled.

Inventory tracking and replenishment: Detailed inventory that updates in real-time provides your technicians with assurance before arriving at a job site that they have the parts needed. Visibility of what is on each technician’s truck gives your dispatcher the ability to rearrange the schedule if a particular technician does not have stock.

Mobile advantage: Urgent calls or special customer needs and requests update to mobile devices concurrently. Job site information and directions give you route optimization helping you to schedule the technician closest to the job with the right parts, saving you more billable hours within your day. Mobile Payments allows your company to close more sales and increase revenue by bridging the time gap between completing a job and receiving payment.

By choosing FieldPlus to be your all-in-one software solution, you will see the rewarding advancement our products provide. Your business will operate more efficiently by eliminating manual processes and getting paid faster, your techs will have the ability to increase their productivity, and you can stay ahead of the competition.

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Author: Scott Berlin