Improve Overall Customer Experience With Field Service Management

Improve Overall Customer Experience With Field Service Management

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Business owners in the contractor service industry are faced with a unique challenge when it comes to providing an exceptional customer experience. They must focus not only on the customer service representative in the office but also on the field technician. Both office staff and field techs must be coordinated and on the same page to prevent customer delays. Here are some tips to consider when looking to sharpen the customer experience within your company.

Manage company data

Customers have no tolerance for feeling their time is wasted due to a lack of preparation or business inefficiencies. Owners need to combat this situation by utilizing a proper field service management software. Office staff and field technicians can communicate in real-time and be aware of any changes to schedules or jobs immediately. MarginPoint FieldPlus is a mobile-enabled field service and inventory management software that allows your field technicians to see what is on their truck before dispatch, ensuring they have parts and supplies needed for each job. Office staff can schedule and make changes to customer information with confidence their technicians are informed simultaneously.

Increase employee satisfaction

When employees are happy, they are loyal and excited about the product and service impact of their employer. Employee excitement and happiness have a ripple effect on other employees and, ultimately, your customers. Employees given the right tools for their job are confident and successful. They are more productive on the job and able to complete more work orders per day. Field service management software can provide the enhancement needed to optimize schedules, inventory management and invoicing.

Strong time management

Your field techs will most likely have multiple jobs scheduled each day. Having adequate inventory on their trucks will cut down on numerous trips and improve fix time rates. Customers will be satisfied with a speedy job, and your technicians will be able to complete more assignments in a day. And with an easy-to-use scheduling board, your dispatchers can quickly reschedule if needed.

Conclusion: happy customers and employees = more significant ROI

As field service organizations utilize cutting edge field service management software, they ensure employees ranging from the office staff to field technicians have all they need to do a competent job. Your reps will maximize the visit and achieve customer satisfaction.

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Author: Scott Berlin