Field Service Management Software: More to the Return-On-Investment (ROI) than Just Money

Field Service Management Software: More to the Return-On-Investment (ROI) than Just Money

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Technology has allowed us to overcome many obstacles in today’s world – especially field service management software for the service industry. Companies with the right technology can manage customers, inventory, payments, and many more aspects of their business in less time. Time is money, and the more time your technicians have the more jobs they can complete.

Even with the advances of field service management (FSM) software, there are surprisingly still 52% of field service organizations using manual methods. Some hesitations may include the cost to implement new software or the concerns around learning new technology. These concerns are valid; however, when you look at the benefits of field service management software, it pales in comparison.

Key benefits of a good FSM software:

  • Decrease in technician downtime. Technicians have what they need on hand for each job, and spot buys are eliminated.
  • Maximize your operations. Your technicians will no longer have to fill out paperwork for your office staff to enter. Less paperwork will also free up time for filing and space for storage.
  • Reduce inventory costs. Increase profits by taking back control of your inventory. Automated replenishment can cut ordering costs by 25%.
  • Better customer service. With real-time updates from your back-office to the technician, you can maintain a comprehensive customer management solution and improve your customer service.
  • Get paid faster. Customers can pay instantly with mobile payment. Integrations with QuickBooks cuts your back-office processing time.

The right field service solution can be the component that gives your company the edge you need to get ahead of your competition. Learn more about our FieldPlus solution and how it can improve your business and ROI!

Contributed by Michelle Childers – Business Operations Analyst

Author: Scott Berlin