Field Service Management Software with Inventory Management Keeps Service Contractors’ Businesses on Track

Field Service Management Software with Inventory Management Keeps Service Contractors’ Businesses on Track

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin
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Service contractors often struggle to effectively manage every facet of their business. As their business grows, so do their challenges. Expanding operations to include more staff and more vehicles typically results in less control over day-to-day operations, including those surrounding material usage and inventory control. Any savvy business owner knows, without an accurate understanding of what’s going out, it’s impossible to know the real cost of goods sold, and impossible to determine overall gross profit.

Service contractors have been searching for tools and software that can help them manage their teams and inventory needs more effectively but keep coming up short. While there are several field service software solutions out there, there hasn’t been one that offered an integrated inventory control solution. Until now.

The Industry Game Changer: Inventory Management Integrated with Field Service Software

MarginPoint created FieldPlus, a complete field service management solution, to answer the call. FieldPlus combines the most innovative field service software (from scheduling & dispatching to customer and job management) with a unique inventory management and replenishment solution. FieldPlus is a game changer that gives service companies from all industries, including HVAC, electrical and plumbing, the ability to effectively stock trucks and warehouses with the inventory they need to operate efficiently and profitably.

With FieldPlus, the days of running out of material at a customer location are gone. Service contractors gain real-time visibility into their inventory usage helping them reduce shrinkage, eliminate technician hoarding, effectively stock vehicles and accurately bill customers for material usage.

With FieldPlus, service contractors can experience better material organization on their service vehicles along with these additional benefits:

  • Improved inventory visibility
  • Automated inventory replenishment
  • Better customer management
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased productivity
  • Better scheduling and dispatching capability
  • Reduced technician downtime
  • Better cost accounting
  • Less money tied up in inventory


Learn more about MarginPoint’s complete field service management solution.


With MarginPoint, service contractors experience less waste and have more money to spend on the trucks and field service technicians that can help them compete in a rapidly changing industry. If you are a service contractor looking to invest in initiatives that deliver a real return on investment and want to position yourself for future growth, contact MarginPoint today.

Author: Scott Berlin