How Service Contractors Maximize Profitability Having Field Service Software with QuickBooks Integration

How Service Contractors Maximize Profitability Having Field Service Software with QuickBooks Integration

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Service contractors have unique challenges that aren’t always solved by conventional business practices. When you aren’t juggling bids, customers, technicians or work orders, you’re working to control costs from the back office to multiple job sites. If your field service solution doesn’t help simplify ALL these tasks, it’s not doing the job.

Common field service solutions only address a handful of these concerns. While they may do a decent job of keeping track of customer appointments and communication from the back office to the field, they often fail to address one of the biggest problems that contractors face — managing sales, expenses and transaction history from the field.

Relying on outdated paper processes leaves too much room for error, often leading to data entry mistakes, delayed payments and accounting errors. By integrating QuickBooks into your field service management software, contractors can eliminate these pain points and begin to experience:

  • Improved access to key financial insights
  • More accurate job costing
  • Decreased manual processing
  • Fewer accounting errors
  • Better employee accountability
  • Speedier payment processing

MarginPoint’s FieldPlus is a complete field management software that automatically syncs work orders to your QuickBooks application, eliminating dual-entry and accounting errors as well as improving your overall transaction history. This seamless integration with QuickBooks can send invoices, manage revenue and expenses, maintain balance sheets and provide improved financial reporting to both reduce your accounting team’s workload and help you control your financial future.

As you grow, it can become impossible to manage your company’s financial health without a robust accounting system. With FieldPlus, you get a complete field service solution that integrates with one of the most powerful and easy-to-use accounting applications. If you’re looking to streamline your business and grow revenue but aren’t sure where to start, contact us today.

Author: Scott Berlin