How too Little Technology is Hurting Your Scheduling and Dispatching

How too Little Technology is Hurting Your Scheduling and Dispatching

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin
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Technology has altered the way we live and the way we do business. Overly time-consuming manual tasks have been reduced or eliminated with the embracing of new technology. What if you choose to keep your manual processes? What impact will that have on your business? Is technology worth the investment? We hope to answer those questions as you continue reading.

Manual Processes, the good, the bad: We are all familiar with the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This phrase may be accurate in some areas of your business; however, when it comes to ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of your back office, you may need to make some considerable changes. Employees can become burnt out quickly when there are too many manual tasks. Errors occur in significant numbers when a dispatcher has to shuffle through multiple spreadsheets during a customer call. Scheduling and dispatch errors can be significantly reduced with an easy-to-use Field Service Software that includes Scheduling and Dispatch functionality.

Impact of Manual Processes:  Poor communication and lack of visibility into schedules, inventory, and customer details impede the technician’s ability to complete the job on time. The inability to plan and forecast demand leads to techs being idle and or overworked at other times. Delays in completing a job will have a domino effect, forcing the business to re-organize their schedules. All these will cause technicians overtime, extra shifts, and double shifts. When such instances happen too often, talented employees get frustrated and resentful, eventually leaving. Customer service will diminish as well if technicians are late or unable to complete a job. A robust field service management suite that enables better communication, collaboration and supports inventory management can help to alleviate these items.

Is Technology Worth the Investment:  Field Service Management software allows field service organizations to optimize scheduling and dispatching to utilize staffing better while cutting costs and improving customer service. Rather than dealing with scheduling and administration (filling out work orders), technicians can deal with customers. As field service is becoming an increasingly important competitive differentiator, every moment and every interaction represents an investment in customers and many cases, their assets.

With the implementation of a fully integrated cloud-based mobile software solution like MarginPoint FieldPlus in your service organization, you will achieve better business efficiency within your daily business processes. To learn more tips on how you can benefit your business and set up a demo, click here!

Author: Scott Berlin