Mobile Payment Processing Offers Multiple Benefits for Service Contractors

Mobile Payment Processing Offers Multiple Benefits for Service Contractors

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Are you still taking payments the old-fashioned way?


With a growing business, you wear many hats. Just one of your many responsibilities includes invoicing for completed work, and if you are still relying on traditional payment methods – you are wasting time and money. Returning to the office at the end of a workday to review completed work orders, write out invoices, and mail them to customers has become a thing of the past. This inefficient process is both time consuming and burdensome, and often leaves you waiting weeks or even months for payments. Collecting payment onsite through mobile payment processing has become an effective alternative to the traditional, manual payment process currently used by many field service businesses.

Mobile payment processing shortens the payment processing time enormously and ensures that a payment is made on the same day service is rendered. Incorporating a mobile payment processing system into your business gives your service technicians more time to be out scheduling and completing new jobs rather than going back to the office to fill out paperwork.

Utilizing mobile payments simplifies the payment experience for your customer as well. Customers can immediately see exactly how much they are paying and what certain services cost. Often, customers will call once they receive an invoice in the mail with questions regarding service cost and details. With mobile payment processing, field service technicians can review exactly what the customer is paying for, answer any questions, and collect payment onsite. Mobile payment processing also enables businesses to store customer data into a secure, cloud-based system, allowing employees to pull up customer history and information instantly.

Including mobile payment processing systems not only eliminates needless paperwork, it allows your company to close more sales and increase revenue by bridging the time gap between completing a job and receiving payment. Gone are the days of inefficient paperwork. By adopting mobile payment processing into your business, you can capture payment and complete a work order at the time of service, allowing you to focus on the next job.

Author: Scott Berlin