Differentiate your offerings and become a reseller of our core inventory product integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack

There's Never Been a Better Time to Expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offering

Partner with MarginPoint

  • Our primary customers are medium to large sized Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Facilities contractors
  • We create a strategic differentiator for the Dynamics 365 offering — driving real cost savings for your customer and customer retention for your business
  • Our native Azure SaaS platform is mobile enabled and uniquely positioned for the huge Service Contractor market
  • We optimize the contractor’s material inventory by connecting supply directly with actual usage and demand
  • More than 500 companies currently rely on us every day
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Differentiate Your Offering to Win New Business

Fully integrated with the Dynamics 365 stack

  • Today MarginPoint partners with a limited number of ‘Microsoft Gold Partners’ who can offer our platform to their customers as a way to differentiate themselves
  • By offering our core product integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack we have quickly become an essential business operating system for contractors
  • MarginPoint will offer a rich integration layer to create a seamless workflow between sales, job scheduling, job completion, accounting, and the service technician in the field
  • For example material requisitions flow directly from completed jobs that caused replenishment demand signals to create purchase orders
  • Our native and advanced use of Microsoft’s Azure platform makes for a welcomed cloud solution for your customers

The Partner Sales Strategy

You sell it and we provide the rest

  • MarginPoint will market directly to service contractors on your behalf
  • You sell all Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications directly to your customer
  • MarginPoint’s pricing plan includes:
    • Entry level pricing for up to 20 stocking locations
    • Unlimited users (we don’t have a user pricing concept)
    • Capability to manage unlimited Suppliers
  • You receive unlimited level two support from MarginPoint
  • MarginPoint will provide all of the initial services as you learn the product and implementation process
  • Demo and sales support tools are available to help you sell
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