• Posted by: Scott Berlin

FieldPlus and CardConnect have partnered to bring together the benefits of Field Service Software and an award-winning credit card payment integration with the main goal of helping you grow your business.

CardConnect offers a safe and secure payment platform that, through our partnership, enables your technicians to take immediate credit card payments on the jobsite, and greatly reduces back-office workload associated with processing those payments manually.

Offering your customers a reliable way to pay their invoice beyond cash or check greatly increases your chances of collecting same day payments – improving cash flow. With our integration, your tech can input the card for validation directly into the FieldPlus mobile app rather than needing to share their card information in a risky way such as over the phone or writing it down. This provides your customers with the convenience and peace of mind knowing exactly what their invoice will be and that their personal information is protected and provides you with the ability to collect for work performed so your team can move on to the next job.

Through CardConnect’s complete payment platform you will have access to the CardPointe Virtual Terminal, which is secured with patented tokenization and can be paired with devices protected by PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE). You will also have access to detailed reporting, simplified reconciliation, and much more.

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About CardConnect – CardConnect is a payments platform of Fiserv, focused on helping businesses of all sizes grow through the seamless integration of secure payment processing.

Author: Scott Berlin