Grow revenue with a powerful field service software with inventory management

  • checkManage inventory efficiently in real-time
  • checkSchedule & dispatch jobs quicker
  • checkImprove customer service
  • checkIncrease sales and improve cash flow
  • checkReduce back-office workload
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A Complete Field Service Management Solution for Streamlining Business Operations

Tablet Field Service Management

MarginPoint FieldPlus manages all aspects of field service work, from the job site to the back office.

Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC contractors, Facility Managers, Property Managers and Commercial Service Contractors can improve field service operations and complete more jobs, more accurately in less time with FieldPlus.

Mobile Field Service Management

FieldPlus from MarginPoint helps service contractors manage customer data, work orders and inventory control with one integrated solution. This enterprise-level, mobile application eliminates paper processes that impede accuracy, production and profitability. Technicians can access dispatched customer data for improved job completion rates and customer satisfaction. In addition, FieldPlus offers secure payment processing and complete inventory management from any jobsite, anywhere.

FieldPlus Key Features

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Customer Management

Using our web-based user interface, your office staff can engage customers, use advanced search capabilities to quickly locate existing customer records and create work orders. Quickly schedule and dispatch jobs to available technicians.

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Price Book Management

Contractors have the option to use our customizable price book which can be configured for flat rate or time and material. Price books can also be updated to include additional details about specific items and allow technicians to update the item as needed or restrict editability altogether.

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Work Order and Material Management

Technicians have visibility into work orders and dispatching instructions for better job completion rates and improved customer satisfaction. Technicians can also check inventory levels of necessary materials, so they always have the supplies they need, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

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QuickBooks Integration

Reduce accounting team workload by eliminating the need for double entry to save time and money. Work orders are synced with QuickBooks for error-free data entry, enabling faster payment processing and improved transaction history.

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Inventory Management

Complete more jobs, reduce downtime and eliminate stockouts and shrinkage with automated inventory control. As your techs add material to the work order, our powerful inventory module tracks real-time consumption for all parts used on the job.

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Automated Inventory Replenishment

Closely track material usage at each stocking location and automate replenishment down to the vehicle or warehouse. FieldPlus is the only supplier integrated solution that addresses the full inventory management workflow for all material regardless of who supplied it or where it is stored.

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Mobile Payment Processing

MarginPoint partners with one of the largest credit card processing systems in the world. All payments and customer data go through a secure API. In the event of limited WIFI connectivity, technicians can request to invoice the customer for future payment.

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Service Agreements

Secure year-round work for your team while building and maintaining long lasting customer relationships, track and schedule all visits to ensure agreement fulfillment and maximized revenue.

Grow revenue with a powerful field service software with inventory management

  • check Manage inventory efficiently in real-time
  • check Schedule & dispatch jobs quicker
  • check Improve customer service
  • check Increase sales and improve cash flow
  • check Reduce back-office workload

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