With Advanced Insights (Ai) you get the answers you need to drive your business

MarginPoint Advanced Insights (Ai)

Take action on customer, distributor, technician, purchasing  and inventory data

  • With MarginPoint Advanced Insights (Ai) we continue to deliver on our mission to provide easy to use software that delivers a return on investment (ROI) quickly!
  • Advanced Insights (Ai) is designed with the customer in mind, quickly delivering visualizations, KPI’s and Dashboards that present real-time transactional data in a meaningful way
  • Each “Ai” is pre-built to deliver MarginPoint’s data at a consolidated level, while providing the ability to drill down to the individual transaction
  • MarginPoint Advanced Insights provides actionable information for users to make data driven decisions while quickly viewing trends, exceptions, and outlier data points
AdvancedInsights1 Margin Point Advanced Insights
sales-dash Margin Point Advanced Insights

Visualizations & Dashboards

Pre-Built library constantly updated

  • Ai: 30, 60 & 90 Day Consumption Dashboard
  • Ai: Sales Opportunity & Whitespace Dashboard
  • Ai: Requisition & Purchasing Dashboard
  • Ai: Inventory Valuation & Trend Dashboard
  • Ai: ROI Dashboard
  • Ai: Usage Dashboard
  • Ai: Item/SKU Locator
  • Ai: Inventory Turns

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