The azure platform affords our customers and partners ultimate flexibility, scalability, security and availability for the MarginPoint solution

MarginPoint is Native to the cloud, what does this mean?  It means we began as a cloud offering, continue to develop as a cloud offering and deliver day to day operational excellence to our customers!  Simple, elegant and fast.  Whether you access MarginPoint via a web browser or from our mobile applications, your user experience will be delivered securely from anywhere in the world.

We have partnered with Microsoft to deliver the Cloud (SaaS) to all our customers.  Utilizing Microsoft’s industry leading Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS),

We are the only true multi-tenant, cloud native fully transactional Inventory Solution in the market!  Delivering a secure, scalable and low cost technology platform that is backed by Microsoft.   Joins 100’s of customers who are already benefiting operationally and financially from our technology!

  • Benefit from: Low Cost IT, Hardware & Services
  • Scalability: From one stocking location to 10,000,000 MarginPoint and Microsoft Azure deliver unlimited growth
  • Security: Industry leading security guaranteed by Microsoft, to protect and maintain all of your business transactions
  • Up Time: Mission critical software requires a strong reliable and consistent performing backbone, Azure delivers on all
  • Performance: Regardless of device, OS, hardware….MarginPoint and the Azure Cloud deliver a fast and efficient user experience

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