One platform to manage all your inventory in real time regardless of supplier or where it is stored

Plumbers, Electricians & HVAC installers need a single solution that will address the full inventory management workflow for all material regardless of who supplied it or where it is stored.

Real-Time Visibility & Control

Manage your inventory anywhere, anytime

Real-time inventory visibility means you can see exactly what you have on hand across your entire organization, including all warehouses, storage areas, and trucks. Detailed consumption records provide you with the data necessary to go lean by reducing carrying costs, avoiding excess purchases, and achieving material savings opportunities.

  • One platform to manage all your inventory needs regardless of supplier or where the material is stored
  • Tighter controls of issuance and tracking of all inventory transactions will provide a clear audit trail down to the end user, job, or even customer
  • Notification capabilities to alert any user to an inventory exception or transaction
Box1-e1499943289452 MarginPoint Mobile Inventory
Box2-e1499943381575 MarginPoint Mobile Inventory

Automate Material Replenishment

Inventory levels maintained through automated restock workflows

Eliminate the manual process of cycle counting your stock levels every time you need to replenish your inventory. With MarginPoint tracking each inventory transaction, demand signals can be generated automatically based on the desired replenishment method for each stocking location.

  • Eliminate stock outs and shortages of material
  • Automated demand signals significantly reduce time spent procuring more material
  • Avoid excess purchases and consolidate purchase orders

Improve Customer Service through Improved Completion Rates

Have the right parts to finish the job the first time

Start off every job or service on the right foot by having all the materials and tools necessary to complete the job the first time. Worrying about inventory or your fleet needing to make time consuming ‘emergency’ purchases is a thing of the past. Not only is it important to send the correct technician, it’s important to send the correct technician with the correct parts.

  • Real-time fleet inventory enables smarter scheduling decisions
  • Avoid costly downtime spent chasing material
  • Easily re-tool your fleet for different jobs or even seasons
Box3-e1499943527105 MarginPoint Mobile Inventory
Picture4 MarginPoint Mobile Inventory

Mobile Optimized

Easy to use mobile application

The MarginPoint mobile application provides the ability to manage mobile inventory via an iOS or Android-enabled smartphone or tablet. Eliminate paper-based processes and enable your workforce to instantly update the inventory as they perform transactions. Access can be restricted based on user-defined rules and all transactional data is stored

  • Full set of transactional capabilities to capture material usage, even without cellular service
  • No need for costly hardware – perform transactions in the palm of your hand
  • Includes functionality for barcode and QR code scanning

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