3 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Automated Inventory Replenishment

3 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Automated Inventory Replenishment

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

You have been running a successful business for many years. You have added trucks and technicians to get more jobs completed each day. Amid the global pandemic, you have been able to continue to grow your “essential” business. The question is, are you doing what you can to leverage your inventory management to make smarter, more effective decisions? With an automated inventory system, you can save tons of time and effort while also helping your bottom line. Here is a list of just a few ways that automated inventory management will benefit you.

  1. Sustainable Growth

Automated inventory gives you complete stock visibility within your warehouse and each of your technicians’ trucks. Maintaining spreadsheets to enter inventory manually is not a sustainable process. Techs having to make spot buys to complete one job is also not sustainable. Let technology work for you to make these processes more efficient.

  1. Touchless Ordering

Automation is a game-changer. An automated inventory management system such as MarginPoint FieldPlus allows you to maintain inventory levels with auto-replenishment. Automating inventory replenishment minimizes stock-outs and cuts ordering costs by 25%. Automation will help to eliminate human error and improve supplier relations.

  1. Time-Saving

Without the need to update your spreadsheets and count your inventory manually, automation gives you more time to complete higher-level tasks. Technicians will know what they have on their trucks before they are on site. Having the right parts, the first time means getting the job done the first time, in less time. Technicians have less windshield time, and customers are satisfied.


Overall, implementing an inventory system with automated replenishment simplifies daily processes saving your business time and money.  To learn more on this subject check out our eBook or schedule a demo today.

Author: Scott Berlin