Cleek Plumbing Customer Success Story

Cleek Plumbing Customer Success Story

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Cleek Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. was established in 1975 in Grundy County, IL. They have since moved to Morris, IL and become a full-service oriented business. The company is family-owned and specializes in many residential equipment and home needs making them a “One Stop Shop”. They service all brands of makes of HVAC residential and commercial equipment, and all models of residential and commercial plumbing equipment. Their goals include providing the best customer service, the best equipment, and promoting green products to better the environment.

Since becoming a MarginPoint customer in 2017, Brian Cleek has seen significant improvements to their business using our Mobile Inventory Management solution. We asked Brian to talk about what specific areas of his business has MarginPoint Mobile Inventory helped and he hit on some great points. Thanks, Brian!


“We have always taken pride in trying to be and look organized at our shop and on our field service vehicles.  MarginPoint has taken that to the next level for us. Our warehouse & trucks are the most organized they have ever been and continue to improve.”

Consumption Levels

“We have been able to drive down our inventory levels to our true needs. We have been able to determine what products are needed to be stocked base on usage and what products need to be sold off and not reordered. We have also been able to sell off old materials we didn’t realize we had and keep our inventory fresh. We are better able to service our customers, knowing what we need to keep in our inventory.”


“MarginPoint has aided us the purchasing power like we have never had before. The system can show us where we may have an opportunity to buy the exact same product at a significantly lower cost, in the blink of an eye. Our material purchases have dropped by over 25% since the merger with MP. This is due to purchasing what we need (not box qty as many wholesalers want you to buy) and purchasing smarter. It’s easy to compare with MarginPoint system, and we want to take that to the next level!”


“Our tech’s love it! They in-fact ask for more. They appreciate and rely on knowing the items they used and need will be on their trucks or in our warehouse when they need them. Our trips to the wholesaler have almost completely diminished. It’s something they can take off their memory bank. I don’t think any of the techs would request going back to the paper and pen method.”

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Contributed by Michelle Childers – Business Operations Analyst

Author: Scott Berlin