Distribution Technology Trends

  • Posted by: Karen Spencer

Technology lies at the core of the top industrial distribution trends from last year.  Modern Distribution Management survey of top industrial suppliers indicates that having a comprehensive technology solution in place is critical to customer retention, maintenance of business continuity, and above all, increased customer wallet share.

The number one trend is technology investment. Distributors are suppliers are looking for ways to gain market share, instill customer loyalty, and increase revenue. The other technology investment distributors are looking for is real-time data accessibility by mobile devices to service their customers. Margin Point Mobile App is our leading-edge app that helps you enter orders, check inventory status, and more and is available for Android or iOS.

Another trend that made the top 5 is Distributors looking beyond vending. While vending is still as important as ever, there is growing recognition of meaningful benefits of offering a comprehensive solution to improve customer inventory management. Nothing new here, while we continue to offer state-of-the-art, yet affordable industrial vending equipment, it is only part of our complete inventory management solution.

Author: Karen Spencer