Distributors Can Deliver Superior Value to Customers, Increase Customer Retention, Increase Share of Wallet Spend, While Positioning the Company for Growth

Distributors Can Deliver Superior Value to Customers, Increase Customer Retention, Increase Share of Wallet Spend, While Positioning the Company for Growth

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

In today’s competitive marketplace, distributors are constantly seeking ways to enhance their value proposition, retain customers, and drive business growth. MarginPoint offers comprehensive solutions that empower distributors to achieve these goals efficiently and effectively. By leveraging MarginPoint’s advanced tools and services, distributors can stay ahead of the competition and deliver unmatched value to their customers.

Advantages for Distributors

MarginPoint solutions are fully managed and delivered by MarginPoint, ensuring seamless customer implementation, comprehensive reporting, in-depth analytics, and precise fulfillment of requirements. Distributors who integrate MarginPoint into their operations experience several significant advantages:

  • Offer a Value-Added Solution: Enhance your appeal to both current and prospective customers by providing solutions that meet their needs more effectively than your competitors.
  • Increase Share of Customer Wallet: Capture a larger portion of your customers’ spending by offering comprehensive and reliable solutions.
  • Boost Revenue: Experience revenue growth of over 30% by implementing MarginPoint’s innovative solutions.
  • Gain Market Share and Retain Customers: Strengthen customer loyalty and expand your market presence by providing exceptional service and support.
  • 360° Visibility: Maintain comprehensive visibility of all customer inventory and purchases, ensuring you are always informed and ready to meet their needs.
  • Lock Out Amazon Business: Secure your position in the market by delivering superior service and value, making it difficult for competitors like Amazon Business to encroach on your customer base.

Streamline Operations

Real-time inventory management is crucial for both distributors and their customers. MarginPoint solutions streamline operations by integrating all components of the customer-facing supply chain into a cohesive, cloud-based offering. This integration offers several key benefits:

  • Real-Time Visibility: Gain instant access to all your customers’ inventory data, ensuring you can manage and respond to their needs promptly.
  • Eliminate Stock Outs: Prevent material shortages and stock outs, ensuring your customers always have the resources they need.
  • Automate Replenishment: Build customer loyalty through automated replenishment, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.
  • Improve Work Order and Material Management: Enhance your customers’ operational efficiency by improving the management of work orders and materials.

Data Warehouse Solution

MarginPoint’s Data Warehouse is a powerful Data as a Service (DaaS) product that offers customers and distributors a dedicated database in the cloud. This solution enables the combination of inventory data with business data from other systems, facilitating spend optimization and comprehensive analysis of cross-system data.

Benefits of Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing offers distributors and their customers unparalleled insights and reporting capabilities, including:

  • Consumption Dashboards: View detailed 30, 60, and 90-day consumption patterns to better understand usage trends.
  • Sales Opportunity & Whitespace Dashboards: Identify new sales opportunities and untapped market potential.
  • Requisition & Purchasing Dashboards: Streamline the purchasing process with clear and actionable insights.
  • Inventory Valuation & Trend Dashboards: Monitor inventory value and trends to make informed business decisions.
  • ROI Dashboards: Assess the return on investment to ensure your business strategies are effective and profitable.
  • Usage Dashboards: Track product usage to optimize inventory levels and reduce waste.
  • Inventory Turns: Improve inventory turnover rates by aligning stock levels with actual demand.

Incorporating MarginPoint solutions into your operations not only enhances your value proposition but also drives significant business growth, customer retention, and operational efficiency. Don’t let your competition get ahead – equip your distribution business with the tools and insights it needs to thrive.

About MarginPoint
MarginPoint is a leading provider of cloud-based Multi-Site Facilities and Inventory Management solutions to Multi and Single-Family Property Managers, Government, Universities, Commercial Real Estate, and Construction firms. Many of the nation’s leading Property Managers currently rely on MarginPoint solutions every day to manage their inventory replenishment, optimize business processes, and drive revenue. The company’s cloud-based delivery model enables you to rapidly deploy the solution and connect to all your distributors and suppliers without significant upfront investment. Learn more at Marginpoint.com

Author: Scott Berlin