How Automated Supply Replenishment Increases Your Profits

How Automated Supply Replenishment Increases Your Profits

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Are you utilizing Inventory Management Software (IMS) with Automated Supply Replenishment? Technology like IMS has paved the way for e-commerce, leaving those businesses without it behind. Supply chain disruptions were up 67% in 2020, causing companies to develop contingency plans and come up with alternate suppliers.  Having the right IMS that allows you to have visibility to all your suppliers at any time would give you the leading edge in your supply chain. Beyond visibility of your suppliers, having an IMS with Automated Supply Replenishment can increase your profits, read more to learn how.

Optimized inventory: assure locations are stocked with correct inventory levels, avoiding spot purchases through retail vendors who mark up their products.

Save time: Reduce supply runs, allowing your employees to focus on completing more jobs rather than shopping for parts.

Reduce paperwork: distributor integration reduces the time and money spent on processing purchase orders.

Central purchasing point: converts into fewer RMAs being issued for an incorrect product ordered.

While implementing an Inventory Management Software might require a bit of an investment, the potential for ROI can make it worthwhile by streamlining processes and increasing productivity. For more information about the MarginPoint Mobile Inventory solution sign up for a free demo today!

MarginPoint Mobile Inventory allows you to manage your inventory in real-time, from consumption to requisition and replenishment. Reduce inventory and procurement costs and increase profits with a single cloud-based mobile solution that addresses the complete inventory management workflow regardless of who supplied it or where it is stored. More than 600 companies currently rely on MarginPoint.

Author: Scott Berlin