It May Not Seem Like It, But the Time is Now to Implement Software that Helps Your Business

It May Not Seem Like It, But the Time is Now to Implement Software that Helps Your Business

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Does your company have a good strategy for times of economic downturn? Companies can either take the offensive or defensive approach when looking to mitigate potential losses. It’s the companies that choose to take the offensive posture and seize opportunity that grow through times of recession. These businesses want to expand rather than contract their expenditures for operations and output. In doing so, they can increase their ROI and hit the ground running. MarginPoint solutions for service contractors can be the catalyst to helping you get ahead, and here are a few reasons why.

  • Software in the cloud. A cloud-based solution means you can implement our software solution with little to no downtime. Our Professional Services experts do all the heavy lifting and set up of data and stocking locations. Training is online and remote or on-site with our help.
  • Visibility into material usage and inventory. Our Inventory Management solution will give you the ability to see usage, reports on spending, and replenish materials automatically. This will cut inventory carrying costs by up to 30% and ordering costs by 25%!
  • Better customer service. With MarginPoint FieldPlus, techs can locate customer records and manage work orders in real-time. Customers also have secure payment capability from the job site. Techs know what supplies are required for their work orders and can have it on their trucks before arriving at a job. Time saved means an increase in the number of jobs done per day and more satisfied customers.

In summary, we never imagined at the beginning of 2020 that we would have a global pandemic. However, recessions and economic downturns have happened before. With the right plan of offense, you can help your company come out ahead. MarginPoint would like to be that ace in your pocket! Set up a free demo today to learn more about our software solutions.

Author: Scott Berlin