MarginPoint Mobile Inventory App

  • Posted by: Karen Spencer

A Focus on Mobile

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies place a premium on real-time information access in order to maintain effective control of business results and to quickly identify and respond to changing business conditions.  This imperative is especially true for inventory management where material availability can be critical for the business operation and where inefficient usage can have a material impact on the bottom line.

For some companies, inventory management is further complicated by the fact that their material is not necessarily held within a single static “four-walls” location.  For instance, construction companies with material stored on remote job sites, field service companies that maintain parts inventory on their fleet of service trucks, and manufacturing facilities with temporary project trailers deployed go as needed to support various plant maintenance activities.

For such companies, where as much as 80–90% of their material is stored in a mobile location, maintaining visibility and control of such distributed inventory is a significant challenge.

This is where the MarginPoint Mobile Inventory App comes in. This app extends the robust visibility and control capabilities of MarginPoint  solution to the mobile inventory environment.  It puts the MarginPoint platform at the finger tips of mobile users whenever and wherever they are via an internet-connected devices.

Managers and suppliers both can maintain complete visibility to inventory across their entire network/fleet to ensure that the right material is deployed to the right location to meet the company’s needs.  Inventory transactions for all mobile locations can be recorded as they occur and instantly updated in the system for all to see.

Some of the Mobile Inventory Management App capabilities include:

  1. Available for use on iOS or Android devices; the app is distributed via the Apple App Store and Google Play™.
  2. Enables consolidated real-time visibility to ALL inventory regardless of location (storerooms, POU dispensing cabinets, mobile trucks, trailers, lockers, etc.).
  3. Allows inventory issue and return transactions with tracking of full transaction details including date/time, items, quantities, issued to user and job code; all details are instantly updated in MarginPoint.
  4. Supports all inventory management functions via mobile interface (cycle count, receipt, destock, supplemental restock).
  5. Provides quick links to view real-time inventory availability in alternate locations in case of stock-outs in primary location.
  6. Enables the use of bar code scanning technology to streamline transaction processing; supports options for use of the on-board camera as a scanning device or use of a Bluetooth-connected scanner.
  7. Provides easy-to-use interface enables rapid deployment to a broad user base with minimal training.
  8. Provides same core capabilities of the MarginPoint platform such as:
    1. Automated replenishment to streamline the restocking of mobile stocking locations
    2. Usage control functionality to alert and restrict access to certain material based on pre-configured consumption limits
    3. Advanced Analytics for robust reporting of inventory performance
    4. Integration Toolkit to enable integration with complementary enterprise and procurement systems

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Author: Karen Spencer