MarginPoint Offers a One-Stop Shop for Effective Inventory Management

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

MarginPoint is the leader in cloud-based inventory management solutions and helps over 800 companies manage their inventory, optimize their business process and drive more revenue. MarginPoint is the one-stop shop for all your inventory control needs. We help companies optimize inventory in the warehouse, on a fleet of vehicles, in any location and with any supplier. We know that every business has their own unique challenges. That’s why we tailor solutions to your specifications.

MarginPoint’s custom inventory control solutions include:

Fleet Inventory Control
Service contractors often experience problems effectively managing the inventory on their fleet of vehicles. Inventory can be mismanaged, hoarded or misplaced leading to unnecessary inventory costs. As a company grows and adds more technicians, the inventory control problems often spin out of control. MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory management solution helps contractors track inventory, manages replenishment with suppliers and offers real-time visibility to the inventory levels on all vehicles, saving you time and money.

Warehouse Inventory Control

Service companies often try to compensate for fleet inventory mismanagement by overstocking back at the warehouse. The result is piles of unnecessary parts and materials left to sit on shelves collecting dust and tying up cash flow. MarginPoint’s cloud-based inventory management solution helps you manage inventory in real-time from consumption to requisition to replenishment, so you always know what you have on hand. Reducing inventory and procurements costs and optimizing warehouse stocking procedures can help your business complete more jobs, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.

Onsite Vending

MarginPoint also offers point-of-use vending solutions to streamline your inventory management while offering 24-hour access to materials. You have the choice of traditional coil machines like the Safety Express or for larger items, choose the Sentry locker option. With MarginPoint vending solutions you can easily monitor and manage inventory usage and replenishment, control consumption and reduce shrinkage — ultimately lowering your total inventory costs.

MarginPoint can help your company grow revenue, eliminate technician downtime and achieve full visibility of your inventory, on location, in a warehouse or on a technician’s truck.

Learn how MarginPoint can help you take back control of your inventory.

Author: Scott Berlin