MarginPoint’s Mobile-First Focus

  • Posted by: Karen Spencer

MarginPoint Extends Mobile-First Focus to Support Supply Chain Transformation for Distributors and their Customers

ISM2016 – Indianapolis, May 18, 2016

MarginPoint empowers Distributors to Increase Productivity and Improve their Customer’s Inventory Experience using its Mobile Inventory Platform

MarginPoint Software, a global provider of Inventory Management Solutions, today announced that its Distribution Partners have added their 100th Mobile Customer to MarginPoint SaaS platform — the first platform to enable distributors to embrace digital supply chain transformation and thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.

Today, more than 400 MarginPoint customers are managing their mission critical inventory with MarginPoint’s platform built on Microsoft’s Azure Platform as a Service. Leveraging twenty years of distribution industry knowledge and expertise, MarginPoint’s end-to-end inventory solution offers the same deep functionality whether accessed via a browser or your mobile device located anywhere your material inventory happens to be. Building on this success, MarginPoint continues to expand its Azure functionality to support sales growth for distributors looking for ways to reduce costs, streamline operating cost, and improve the bottom line.

Inventory and supply chain automation are revolutionizing the traditional distribution business model,” said Vince Sheeran, CEO of MarginPoint. “With our native mobile application we are truly able to manage the ‘last mile’ of inventory replenishment. Customers are requiring business-to-business cooperation in every supply chain today and they need self-service anytime, anywhere. Simply having a website is no longer enough to satisfy the requirements of today’s modern customer — distributors have to invest in the right IT infrastructure to deliver an enhanced customer experience and support business growth. With MarginPoint you get a comprehensive solution that enables distributors and their customers to collaborate and streamline their materials inventory management processes.”

Mobile technology has shifted the industry and caused an expectation of product visibility and accessibility. MarginPoint’s mobile platform allows distributors and their customer’s to securely view any item, anywhere across the globe. From any connected device they can track material to any location, job site, service truck, warehouse, storage facility or point of use device. Its one-to-many and many-to-one architecture provides instant enterprise-wide visibility,” said Scindia Dhanasekaran, VP of Engineering at MarginPoint.

Enabling the modern Distributor to transform their customer’s business and add real value

Digital business drives demand for application offerings that are integrated/integrable, provide an enviable user experience, and are Web, cloud and mobile native,” according to a recent report from Gartner. Furthermore, “Recent technological evolutions have the potential to change the way businesses, operations, people, customers and suppliers interact and engage with each other to expand usage of machines and the Internet of Things (IoT) in an era of interconnected potential.”1

The MarginPoint solution currently supports this ‘native integrable platform strategy’ and is helping distributors adapt to this new requirement focus from their customers’ to leverage the power of the cloud and mobile solutions to drive cost saving and increased customer productivity.

Based on Microsoft’s open Azure technology architecture, MarginPoint gives the distributor and their customer’s true linear scale and allows them to grow their supply chain capability to compete where they were previously outmanned by the sheer size of the competition. Distributors are able to extend their business to not only reach more customers but to offer true supplier value, better customer service and replenishment times.

(1) Gartner, Inc., “Build and Market Digital Application Offerings Primer for 2016,” January 26, 2016

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Author: Karen Spencer