Property Managers: Is Your Inventory Out of Control?

For property managers, having the right supplies on hand to complete service requests is a must. Without the right supply, your maintenance technicians waste valuable time trying to find the parts or running to the store for materials. As a result, they have less time in the day to complete requests, which hurts your customer service.

While having adequate stock of commonly-used items is good for business, the tendency toward preparedness can cross the line into hoarding for some technicians. Here are five signs that your company’s inventory management processes may need help:

Inventory is disappearing. By not having a way to keep track of what inventory lives where or who has touched it, it’s hard to know whether an item has been used or moved, or whether it’s been broken, lost or even stolen.

Your stockrooms are packed to the brim. If your technicians are only using a small fraction of what’s in your inventory each month, and they’re not sure what’s at the bottom of the pile, they probably have a lot more product than they really need.

Your technicians are storing inventory in their vehicles. If your technicians are hoarding materials, it’s probably not due to a lack of space in the company stockroom. More likely, it’s because they don’t know if there’s enough inventory back at the office to meet their needs, so they keep things close to them just in case.

You’re noticing jobs are getting postponed or taking longer. Your employees don’t have the materials or tools they need to complete a job, so they run out to a supply house or big-box store for an emergency purchase – inevitably delaying the start or completion of a job, slowing your organization’s productivity and negatively affecting customer satisfaction.

Your technicians make trips to the store to buy just one or two items. The best way to avoid these time-consuming trips isn’t to hoard even more supplies. The solution is a mobile inventory management system that tracks your team’s material usage in real time down to the user, job and customer level, and linking that system to your suppliers to take advantage of the benefits of automated replenishment.

Lack of inventory transparency leads to lack of control. Unfortunately, having a surplus of inventory is a poor substitute for control, leading to higher carrying costs, obsolete inventory, lost productivity and fewer completed jobs.


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