Simplify Your Schedule While Maximizing Your Ability to Meet Your Customers’ Needs: Right Tech, Right Time, Right Materials!

Simplify Your Schedule While Maximizing Your Ability to Meet Your Customers’ Needs: Right Tech, Right Time, Right Materials!

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin
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Time management and scheduling is a life skill that always has room for improvement. In the service trade industry, your company’s ability to optimize technicians’ schedules to allow for the most efficient workday requires planning and the ability to adapt to day to day challenges in real-time. Having the right technology or field service management software can help to lighten your office staff’s load. Aside from technology, here are some other ways to sharpen your scheduling and dispatching abilities.

Right Dispatcher– Having the right dispatcher to take the reins of scheduling is vital to your companies’ success. When hiring a dispatcher, you need to be sure they are great multi-taskers, know how to prioritize, and are familiar with your company’s services and technicians. With MarginPoint FieldPlus, gain the ability to quickly manage all quotes, service calls, technicians, and your inventory. Utilizing the Dispatch board to view the schedule, the status of jobs, and where you have availability to turn quotes into new jobs.

Right Time– Knowing your technicians, optimal levels of performance will ensure happy techs and happy customers. Having the ability to see your techs projected workday allows you to schedule the right tech at the right time. Loading your techs with non-urgent calls in the morning can enable urgent needs to be added when they come in throughout the day. MarginPoint FieldPlus provides your company with an easy to use, hyper-fast, and real-time view into your day to day business. See jobs, non-billable activities, employee holidays, and a working calendar for each service tech.

Right Materials– If your dispatcher is unaware of the inventory that lives on your technician’s trucks, it can lead to lost time, unhappy customers, and frustrated technicians. The right inventory management software that gives you real-time visibility into your trucks and warehouse can mean the required materials for each job and happy techs and customers. MarginPoint FieldPlus provides award-winning inventory visibility and replenishment at the truck and warehouse level to allow you to manage your materials within each truck, warehouse, and supplier. Quickly view the materials in your trucks and warehouse to ensure first call success! Additional capability to manage transfers between trucks and warehouses allows you to control the inventory to maximize the opportunity for a satisfied customer before you arrive!

Author: Scott Berlin