Social Media: A Great Marketing Tool For Service Contractors

Social Media: A Great Marketing Tool For Service Contractors

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

If your company is not taking advantage of social media, then you are missing out on huge potential for brand awareness and growth. Social media can be a useful tool in the branding, marketing, and networking of your company. Considering that there are approximately 1 billion people on Instagram, with 80% of those users following at least one business, and 60% of all Instagram users using the app to seek out new products and services, social media can have a big impact on a business.

Social media offers a unique two-way channel of communication where customers can connect with companies on a more personable, yet public level. Utilizing social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can help bridge the communication gap between a company and its clients by providing them with the opportunity to post about their experiences and provide feedback. This allows customers to feel that they have a voice and that that voice is being heard. Word of mouth drives anywhere between 20% to 50% of purchasing decisions, so engaging in online activity and conversation can activate customer lead generation.

Social media can also serve as a new point of entry for your company’s website. With multiple social media accounts, internet users can easily and more frequently access your company website through linked and tagged posts, increasing website traffic. When uploading a blog, article, or new information on your company website, consider posting about it and including a link to the website on your company’s social media platform. This will prompt users to click on the embedded link taking them to your website, resulting in more visits. The more visits your website receives, the higher your company will list on your local Google ranking. A higher Google ranking maximizes how often your customers and other local internet users will see your business in their search results, which generates organic traffic and brand awareness.

Online presence has become a hot marketing tool by increasing brand awareness through online interactivity and producing more leads. Customers are more likely to find a company trustworthy if they are regularly active on social media platforms and engage with customer’s comments and posts. Responding to comments and questions on your company’s social media page is an excellent way to build better relationships with your customers and maintain a premier level of online customer service. When your company harnesses the power of social media to expand its level of customer service, it can get one step ahead of those who do not.

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Author: Scott Berlin