Streamline Material Management with Vending Solutions from MarginPoint

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Many companies currently rely on MarginPoint’s mobile inventory management solution to control their material usage and increase profitability out in the field. The cloud-based software successfully reduces carrying costs, excess purchases and enables technicians to complete more jobs, but did you know that we offer point-of-use inventory control solutions as well?

Our vending machines and software can help you streamline your material management by controlling availability, demand and access of mission critical items. When people think about vending machines, they often imagine snack machines stocked full of candy, chips and soft drinks, but industrial vending machines are sophisticated inventory management solutions that can help companies monitor and control items that are being used every day.

Our high-security, low-cost vending solutions offer the following advantages:

  • 24/7 access to materials
  • Cloud-based software for multi-site inventory control
  • Real-time visibility into inventory levels
  • Customizable user permissions and restrictions
  • Ability to choose your own suppliers

With MarginPoint’s vending solutions, facility and production managers can reduce consumption and improve employee productivity, while gaining improved visibility into material usage. By accurately tracking this data, companies can better understand usage patterns which helps them make smarter business decisions. MarginPoint offers two different vending options to meet your needs.

Safety Express
The MarginPoint Safety Express is a coil machine ideal for controlling a wide variety of items via a keypad or badge reader. With this flexible solution, companies can receive real-time inventory updates and access to automated replenishment options.

The MarginPoint Sentry is a cost-effective solution for vending large or bulky items that would not fit in a traditional coil machine. Each locker offers real-time inventory updates and comes with plexiglass windows that are lighted for excellent material visibility.

Better inventory control means increased profitability for your business. Gain control of your material usage today with vending solutions from MarginPoint.

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Author: Scott Berlin