The Mobile App Advantage: Happier Technicians & Customers

The Mobile App Advantage: Happier Technicians & Customers

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin
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Manual paperwork is quickly becoming a thing of the past. According to field service predictions, mobile apps will be used by almost 75% of organizations in 2020*. The recent pandemic has forced even more workers to work remotely, which presents the need for a mobile solution even higher. No longer is it a luxury, but a necessity to maintain operations now and for the future.

Some advantages of implementing a mobile app solution include receiving and updating work orders automatically, optimized inventory management, improved customer service, and more timely payment processing. Double-entry is eliminated, and accounts receivable and payroll accelerated. Technicians will have more time and productivity will be increased without the need to return to the office with manual work orders.


Save your technicians additional time per service call, increase productivity in the field and complete more jobs.


Field service techs need to have access to the best tools to do the best job. Companies that don’t stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology will be left behind. Are you ready to be set apart from the competition and streamline the way your company does business? Check out our FieldPlus solution and request a demo today!


*2017 Gartner study

Contributed by Michelle Childers – Business Operations Analyst

Author: Scott Berlin