The ROI of Inventory Control: Maximizing Operational Hours

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

In our previous article, The ROI of Inventory Control: MarginPoint Reduces Unnecessary Spot Buys, we discussed how one customer slashed inventory costs by over $50,000 and reduced spot buys. Today, we are taking that one step further and explaining how you can reduce technician downtime and improve operational hours with effective inventory control.

When technicians lack the parts and supplies needed to complete a job, it’s frustrating and costly. Every time a technician must stop working and wait for a part to arrive or leave a jobsite to track down supplies equals lost revenue for the company. In fact, each instance can result in forty-five minutes to an hour delay in operations at a minimum. Multiply that by every technician and those hours add up quickly.

More time on the job equates to increased revenue. In a recent case study, we discovered our customer Aux Home Services was able to grow sales and profit with our Mobile Inventory management solution. By utilizing our software, their technicians spent more time on the job and less time acquiring parts.

“We can serve customers more quickly and more efficiently,” says Michael Fox, General Manager at Aux Home Services. “When your profit margins are dependent on billed hours, that saves you a lot of money.”

MarginPoint helps companies save time with more efficient operations, fewer unplanned purchases and less technician downtime. Here are just a few of the ways you can maximize your company’s operational hours:

  • Complete More Jobs: With effective inventory control, technicians will be able to complete more jobs per day and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve Full Inventory Visibility: Avoid unnecessary purchases with real-time visibility into the inventory levels of all stocking locations, including your fleet of trucks and warehouses.
  • Eliminate Technician Downtime: Ensure all technicians have the right parts on hand to complete jobs without wasting time chasing materials.
  • Automate Material Replenishment: Eliminate stockouts and shortages, as well as improve back office processes, with automated restock workflows.


Adequate inventory level management allows companies to make better scheduling decisions for maximum profitability. When technicians don’t have to leave a jobsite to hunt down parts, many contractors can expect to complete at least one more job per technician per day. See for yourself how MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory solution can help improve operations and profitability in your company.

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Author: Scott Berlin