Three Key Applications for Successful Contractors


Your company’s success is dependent upon sending the right technician with the correct material to each job. MarginPoint is designed specifically to provide you with inventory management and automated replenishment solutions and works in concert with your field service and financials software to provide the visibility, structure and automation you and your technicians need to manage your inventory.  Every successful contracting business has these three key business applications: financials, field service and inventory management.

key-applications-150x200 Three Key Applications for Successful Contractors

Your financials software helps to manage your general ledger, AP, AR and payroll. Your field service software manages the business, scheduling and customer relationships. MarginPoint manages your inventory, consumption and replenishment.

How do they all come together?

Put simply, let each software solution do what it’s best at! Your field service software has the capabilities you need to connect your customer with your services as quickly and effectively as possible. Your financial software sends invoices and manages revenue and expenses; maintains your balance sheet and provides financial reporting. With MarginPoint, you gain inventory valuation, visibility, material job costing, consolidated purchasing, automated replenishment and happy technicians! The important thing to note is that the three applications can talk to each other so that you can continue to experience the value of each.

In the end, you have all three key business applications working together to help your business succeed. For a more in-depth look at how they all work together, read our whitepaper here.

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