Top 10 Most Essential Tools for Service Contractors

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

The tools that every service contractor should have handy while on the job.


Service contractors rely on their tools for accuracy, elasticity, craftsmanship, comfort and safety. Here is a short list of “must have” tools that every service person needs regardless of the type of work he or she does.

  • Screwdriver

This may not come as a surprise or shock to the experienced service contractor. Screwdrivers are one of the most basic tools that lay down the foundation for a well-supplied toolbox. Having a range of screwdrivers, or better yet, a multi-purpose screwdriver with various screw sizes handy will keep you prepared to tackle any job any time.

  • Drill

A drill is one of the most efficient tools for any service contractor to have in their lineup. Drills can be used across trades and are extremely useful when the need to create a hole in virtually any material, regardless of its hardness or density. An average drill comes with different detachable pieces that are appropriate for various tasks at hand. However, it is crucial that the right drill is being used for the right job. If an incorrect drill is being used for a job, the drill piece can break, the drill itself can be damaged, or the user can become injured.

  • Level

Time is money. So, doing the job right the first time is important. That’s why having a level on hand can save you a lot of hard work and valuable time, as well as save you the frustration of having to re-do your work. Consider replacing your traditional bubble level with a laser meter. Laser meters are much more precise and reliable and are a faster alternative to the classic bubble level.

  • Coil Fin Straightener

Any HVAC technician knows that this tool is very useful when needed and is therefore a favorite tool to have in the industry. Over time when air condenser coils become blocked, twisted, or dirty, a coil fin straightener can easily repair, clean and return air flow to the unit.

  • Cutters

Metal, tubing, and bolt cutters are all required in countless projects. Tubing cutters are more normally used in cutting copper lines in air conditioning systems. These can be adjusted to fit various sized tubing and piping and are the perfect adaptable tool. Metal cutters are very similar to tubing cutters and can be used to cut through almost any hard metal material. Lastly, bolt cutters are the perfect tool for an endless variety of jobs such as removing bolts, rivets, and cutting through small metal objects. Having one or more of these cutters in your toolbox is an optimal investment.

  • Caulking Gun

Caulking guns come in handy in a variety of situations within both the HVAC and Plumbing industries. This tool works as a sealant, filling caulk into gaps and cracks to seal out any moisture, debris, and air.

  • Multi-Meter

While this tool is extremely useful, it also serves as a safety tool. This tool is invaluable as it serves many functions such as measuring frequency currents, voltage, capacitance, and more. When working with live energy, it is important to be aware of the levels of electricity present to ensure the safety of not only the area in which you are working, but yourself as well.

  • Work Gloves

Adding on to the idea of safety in the field, it is imperative for every service contractor, regardless of their trade, to own a durable pair of work gloves. Gloves are easily one of the most important and practical items needed by a service technician. When choosing a pair of work gloves, ensure that they are thick enough to protect your hands while still allowing you to practically and efficiently carry out your work.

  • Leak Detector

A leak detector is the perfect tool for any technician who needs assistance in detecting or tracking down a suspected leak. These tools serve as a shortcut for technicians who suspect the presence of unwanted moisture in an air conditioning system, for example, that leads to leaks.

  • Software

Although this beneficial tool isn’t found inside a technician’s toolbox, having an inventory management software for your business can prove to be an invaluable investment. By providing real-time inventory visibility and control, optimizing business processes, and driving revenue, MarginPoint Mobile Inventory can prove to be one of your most vital tools when it comes to the success and operations management of your company.


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Author: Scott Berlin