What Can Inventory Managment Software do for Property Managers & Their Contractors

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

The property management industry needs a way to automate the replenishment of material based on structured inventory plans via a cloud-based mobile technology. Here’s how inventory management software can make that happen: 

  • Provide real time on hand inventory visibility for all material wherever it is stored – any facility, storeroom, or truck
  • Ensure point of use material availability preventing costly stockouts that lead to uncontrolled spot buy purchasing
  • Eliminate manual processes with automated material replenishment
  • Reduce shrinkage and material usage by 10%-15%
  • Track usage down to individual workers, jobs, or rental units to drive higher accountability
  • Provide accurate usage and demand data to enable smarter purchasing decisions

Property management companies can streamline inventory management, improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure that maintenance staff have the supplies and equipment they need to keep the property in top condition. Learn More Inventory Management for Multifamily Property Managers (marginpoint.com)

Author: Scott Berlin