3 Reports Contractors Need to Gain Control of Inventory

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

MarginPoint offers customizable, built-in analytics and scheduled reports for contractors that want to improve inventory management. As contractors grow, successful inventory management can often make or break technicians’ ability to keep up. These three reports keep contractors in the know and help them make better business decisions with real-time data on material costs and usage for better inventory management.

Consumption Report

This report displays consumption based on the item’s standard cost or purchase price. There are four views of this data including the summary, category summary, category details and transactions, displayed through easy-to-view graphics.

With MarginPoint’s consumption report, contractors can view parts by department and by user. Consumption reports can also be customized for individual customers to get the most out of the data. Knowing how, when, where and for whom you are using material will reduce your overall inventory carrying cost.

Inventory Transaction Report

MarginPoint’s inventory transaction report shows contractors additional transaction details. This includes critical findings on material cost by job number, PO number, or any custom field. When contractors can see material costs including how much money was spent on materials for the job, they can arrive at a finalized price for completing the job with greater accuracy, leading to greater and more sustainable profitability over time.

Inventory transaction reports allow contractors to view transactions by stocking location, division, or across the company. The report can also be customized to display based on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly transactions.

Inventory Report

MarginPoint’s inventory report tracks changes on inventory items and provides details on specific items that are setup for stocking locations. We can evaluate a customer’s current inventory by stocking location, division or across the company.

The inventory report gives managers and owners visibility into the current quantity on hand that should exist in each stocking location. When the contractors cycle count, they can see the exact quantity on hand that should be at each stocking location. The inventory report is highly customizable, and most contractors benefit from receiving this report on a regular basis.

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Author: Scott Berlin