How Technicians Benefit from Simpler Field Service Management Software
While there are many options on the market that attempt to solve business challenges for service contractors, they are often complex and difficult for technicians to use. Additionally, they often fail to account for one of the biggest pain points that contractors experience — inventory control.   Service contractors need a way to streamline their...
November 15, 2019
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Mobile Payment Processing Offers Multiple Benefits for Service Contractors
Are you still taking payments the old-fashioned way?   With a growing business, you wear many hats. Just one of your many responsibilities includes invoicing for completed work, and if you are still relying on traditional payment methods - you are wasting time and money. Returning to the office at the end of a workday...
November 11, 2019
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The ROI of Inventory Control: Reduce Purchase Orders by 89%
For many service contractors, a healthy economy can result in substantial growth in their company. While that growth is the desired outcome of many years of hard work and dedication, it can come at a surprising cost. Operational procedures that may have worked when a company was smaller, with less technicians out in the field,...
September 24, 2019
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Streamline Material Management with Vending Solutions from MarginPoint
Many companies currently rely on MarginPoint’s mobile inventory management solution to control their material usage and increase profitability out in the field. The cloud-based software successfully reduces carrying costs, excess purchases and enables technicians to complete more jobs, but did you know that we offer point-of-use inventory control solutions as well? Our vending machines and...
September 23, 2019
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The ROI of Inventory Control: Maximizing Operational Hours
In our previous article, The ROI of Inventory Control: MarginPoint Reduces Unnecessary Spot Buys, we discussed how one customer slashed inventory costs by over $50,000 and reduced spot buys. Today, we are taking that one step further and explaining how you can reduce technician downtime and improve operational hours with effective inventory control. When technicians...
August 30, 2019
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How to Prevent Overstocking/Understocking
Effective inventory management is a key component in what drives any business to success. Understanding what materials, parts, and equipment are necessary to complete a job, and having the right amount of those items on hand is the first step to a job well-done. If your business does not have a sufficiently balanced quantity of...
August 5, 2019
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The ROI of Inventory Control: Reducing Unnecessary Spot Buys
Without proper inventory control, technicians waste time (and money) hunting down the parts and supplies they need to complete a job. Each time a technician leaves the worksite and drives to the supply house, they lose anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour each trip. Not only does that impact the number of completed jobs...
August 1, 2019
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MarginPoint Improves Warehouse Inventory Visibility
Times are good. The economic landscape is ripe with opportunity and companies both large and small are taking advantage of strong economic headwinds. Service contractors know all too well the ebb and flow of commercial and residential construction and savvy business owners are already planning for what comes next. They know now is the time...
July 24, 2019
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Top 10 Most Essential Tools for Service Contractors

The tools that every service contractor should have handy while on the job.   Service contractors rely on their tools for accuracy, elasticity, craftsmanship, comfort and safety. Here is a short list of “must have” tools that every service person needs regardless of the type of work he or she does. Screwdriver This may not…

July 18, 2019
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MarginPoint Offers a One-Stop Shop for Effective Inventory Management
MarginPoint is the leader in cloud-based inventory management solutions and helps over 800 companies manage their inventory, optimize their business process and drive more revenue. MarginPoint is the one-stop shop for all your inventory control needs. We help companies optimize inventory in the warehouse, on a fleet of vehicles, in any location and with any...
July 8, 2019
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