Inventory Control will be a Vital Component during Supply Chain Woes

Inventory Control will be a Vital Component during Supply Chain Woes

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin
Vice President of HVAC

The supply chain has been experiencing many different obstacles over the last few years. Labor shortages exacerbated by the pandemic with increased e-commerce consumer demands being at the top of the list. Unfortunately, most of these issues are outside of our control. So, what can we do to ease the backlash of these problems?

End-to-end visibility: Distributors will benefit from their customers that have technology that gives them real-time visibility of what techs have stocked on their trucks and in their warehouse at all times. When a customer has a robust Inventory Management system such as MarginPoint Mobile Inventory, they will be set with proper min/max for every item wherever it is stored, ensuring automatic replenishment no matter who supplies it. Having real-time visibility alleviates spot buys as well as situations where techs hoard their supplies.

Consider Automation Solutions: Labor shortages have wreaked havoc even before the pandemic. If businesses are not planning for the future by investing in technology today, they will not keep up with customer demands. Having Visibility is everything in today’s markets. For example, when you can track your customers’ spending at the point of use, you get invaluable data not only on what they buy but from whom, when, how often and why. MarginPoint’s mobile Inventory Management not only ensures speed and accuracy but allows data to be updated accurately and in real-time.

Build better partnership: What’s suitable for the customer can be ideal for the distributor. Suppose distributors can use data and technology to help their customers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. In that case, they can create a true partnership and build a moat around their business to protect it against competitors. Integrating your processes with your customers strengthens your position against competitors.

The current global supply chain challenges have taught us that every asset is vitally important, whether a part, a work in process, or a finished good. Visibility into where those assets are at any given time and quickly identifying and locating those items will eliminate wasted time and money from strained supply chains. MarginPoint Mobile Inventory is designed for field service and provides value to your entire project team and company as a whole. Contact us and schedule a demo to see what MarginPoint can do for you.

By Michelle Childers

Author: Scott Berlin