Four Things Successful Contractors Will Stop Doing After Investing in Better Inventory Management

Busy contractors wear many hats. Juggling multiple tasks can take your focus off growing and sustaining a profitable business. One of those daunting tasks can be managing your inventory. Do you know what parts are where? Are you manually tracking inventory or not tracking it at all? Who is entering your orders with your suppliers and ensuring every part arrives? Implementing an inventory management solution helps to eliminate many time-consuming tasks including:

1  Figuring Out Inventory Usage by Hand

Countless contractors resort to gathering information from scraps of paper, text messages and spreadsheets instead of having everything right at their fingertips. MarginPoint’s cloud-based mobile inventory management software provides field service technicians with the tools to manage inventory on the go from the palm of their hand. This eliminates paper-based processes and gives managers real-time inventory visibility, no matter where it’s stored. And with MarginPoint’s automated material replenishment, contractors can eliminate the need to manually count inventory each day. Our software tracks each inventory transaction and automatically generates orders delivered to the stocking location when stock falls below a minimum set level.

 Searching for Missing Inventory

The more your business grows, the greater the impact of a poor inventory control process. As technicians run from one job to the next, inventory can literally get lost because consumption of material and parts is not tracked. This results in missing inventory, excess purchasing and shrinkage. MarginPoint Mobile Inventory offers complete visibility and easy tracking in real-time, as well as automated replenishment. So, you can rest assured that inventory isn’t at the bottom of a pile of material or hoarded in a technician’s garage.

 3  Making Last-Minute Trips to the Store

Technicians in the field waste time on the job (as well as your customer’s time) and consequently money by making last-minute runs to the store or warehouse for parts that they don’t have on their trucks. With a mobile inventory management system, technicians can spend more time getting jobs completed and they can feel confident that they will have the supplies they need on-hand for future jobs. This results in earning customer trust and increased business and referrals. Technicians can also up-sell services when they know exactly what supplies they have.

4  Receiving All Inventory Through a Warehouse or Stockroom

Small businesses can typically manage inventory without much difficulty because all their inventory is usually housed in one location. When businesses grow rapidly, inventory management can become increasingly difficult because inventory can be spread out between vehicles, various warehouses and storerooms. Contractors that use inventory management through MarginPoint can choose exactly where inventory is received. By integrating their inventory management solutions with suppliers, automatic replenishment gives technicians the peace of mind that they’ll have the supplies they need when they need them.


Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry so much about these time-consuming tasks anymore? Once you start investing in better inventory management, you can do just that. Let the inventory management experts at MarginPoint help you.

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