How Auto Replenishment Can Help During COVID-19 Outbreak

How Auto Replenishment Can Help During COVID-19 Outbreak

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

We are all learning how to shift and adapt as we navigate the “new” normal during this global pandemic. Part of this new normal is keeping social distance between you and others. While many aspects of a field service job will require you to be in front of people, your material replenishment doesn’t have to. MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory Management solution can help automate material replenishment and give you peace of mind within your supply chain.

Here are a few more advantages of automated inventory replenishment:

  • Better customer service  by having the right materials and parts for the job prior to arrival
  • Keep teams safer  with zero contact ordering
  • Reduce shrinkage with tighter inventory controls and track all material usage down to the job or technician
  • Cut ordering costs by 25%, avoid excess purchases and limit transfer of paperwork
  • Achieve full inventory visibility see exactly what you have on hand across your entire organization
  • Optimize inventory levels through automated restock workflows
  • Be prepared  for the unexpected by reducing stock outs and shortages of materials
  • Take control of your supply chain  by managing your suppliers using Mobile Inventory to quickly provide you alternative suppliers for critical items

As you can see having the right software solution can help you move forward in business, while still taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your employees. If you would like to learn more about how our Mobile Inventory software can help you, request a free demo today.

Author: Scott Berlin