Make Automated Replenishment Work for You

As a busy contractor, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your trucks have the necessary supplies to get the next job done.

Automated replenishment keeps contractors one step ahead of the game by maintaining inventory levels through automated restock workflows. Automated replenishment saves time by eliminating manual inventory counts and helps contractors avoid costly stockouts.

How does it work? A mobile inventory management system such as MarginPoint monitors and tracks inventory transactions in real-time at the point of use, and then generates demand signals when the number of parts in inventory falls to a minimum level. That minimum is set by the owner or admin based on past usage and seasonal demand. A maximum stock level is also set to ensure a technician doesn’t get more than what they need. With automated replenishment, a technician no longer needs to hoard parts because they will know that they’ll be automatically restocked when their van runs low.

An order is generated with the contractor’s preferred replenishment method; i.e., least cost or a preferred vendor. It can then be automatically sent to the distributor to fulfill the order, and the parts make their way to the right stocking location, whether that’s a warehouse or a technician’s vehicle. By eliminating shortages of material, reducing time spent procuring more material, avoiding excess purchases and consolidating purchase orders, companies that leverage auto replenishment are well positioned for growth.

When your employees don’t have the materials or tools they need to complete a job, your business suffers. Running to a supply house or big-box store for last-minute purchases can be a waste of time and money. Let MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory management solution with automated material replenishment work for you. Learn more.

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