MarginPoint Improves Warehouse Inventory Visibility

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Times are good. The economic landscape is ripe with opportunity and companies both large and small are taking advantage of strong economic headwinds. Service contractors know all too well the ebb and flow of commercial and residential construction and savvy business owners are already planning for what comes next. They know now is the time to prepare for the less than ideal conditions that may lie ahead.

Mobile Inventory Management Can Position Your Company for Future Success

AUX Home Services is a heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical contractor that has been serving residential customers in Alabama for over 25 years. They are just one example of a forward-thinking MarginPoint customer that improved profitability using inventory control.

The robust economy coupled with their extensive experience has the company anticipating 15-17% growth in 2019. To accomplish this goal, AUX Home Services needed to streamline their inventory procedures both in their warehouse and on their trucks.

Prior to implementing MarginPoint Mobile Inventory management solution, Aux Home Services’ warehouse carried approximately $50,000 in inventory. Much of that inventory was unnecessary and on hand to cover material shortages on their vehicles. That excess inventory tied up their cashflow in unnecessary items and storage costs. Even more concerning, they were unable to address their inventory control problems. Technicians were still running out of supplies and having to stop work to hunt down the parts and materials they needed to complete a job.

MarginPoint Mobile Inventory gave AUX improved visibility into the inventory levels on each truck and allowed them to keep only what was needed in the warehouse. “It saves us a lot of money because we don’t have inventory sitting on the shelves collecting dust,” said Michael Fox, General Manager of AUX Home Services.

The company was able to increase revenue, reduce purchasing costs and save money by knowing the exact inventory levels in the warehouse. To read more about how AUX was able to transform their warehouse and business operations, read the full case study here.

We all hope the momentum will continue, but in the event of an economic slowdown companies need to think ahead. MarginPoint can help improve your warehouse’s inventory visibility and position your company for long-term success.

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Author: Scott Berlin