MarginPoint’s Inventory Control Helps Companies Harness Data for Greater Profitability

MarginPoint’s Inventory Control Helps Companies Harness Data for Greater Profitability

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Effective inventory management is a fundamental building block of any successful business. For many companies, physical inventory is the biggest operational expense and mismanagement can tie up thousands of dollars in unnecessary inventory and unplanned purchases.

Having the right stock on hand can mean the difference between filling an order, completing a job or losing a customer completely. Traditional methods of inventory control (pen and paper) are tedious, time consuming and leave far too much room for error. Rather than struggling to keep track of inventory items, an inventory management solution with automated replenishment workflows can help maintain optimal inventory levels, minimize stockouts and reduce time spent doing manual inventory counts.

Almost every company that offers a product or service has inventory needs. Whether you are a nonprofit organization, telecommunications company, property management company, service contractor, or any industry in between, your operations can benefit from automated and integrated inventory control solutions. When you gain control over your inventory, you can provide a better product or service for your customers.

MarginPoint’s inventory management solutions can be tailored to meet your unique needs and include mobile inventory management, industrial vending, warehouse inventory management and customizable data dashboards that offer actionable insight into your operations.

Improve inventory management and operational efficiency with MarginPoint to experience:

  • Real-time inventory updates into all stocking locations, on-site and mobile
  • Improved employee productivity and reduced downtime
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined material management
  • Reduced inventory consumption
  • More efficient and accountable workforce

The data provided by MarginPoint’s inventory solutions can help companies gain a competitive edge, increase efficiency and maximize cash flow. Regardless of the industry, companies can use MarginPoint to gather critical data to reduce unnecessary spending, improve customer relationships and boost profitability. Gain improved insight into your business with MarginPoint inventory control solutions today.

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Author: Scott Berlin