MarginPoint Adds Product Bundles Feature to Mobile Inventory Solution

By May 8, 2018

Laguna Hills, CA, May 7, 2018 – MarginPoint, a leading provider of a mobile-enabled, Microsoft Azure-native inventory management solution for distributors, suppliers and their customers, has added a new product bundling feature to its mobile inventory solution.

The new feature simplifies both the issue and return processes, streamlining inventory management.

“This new feature continues MarginPoint’s commitment to deliver customer-focused functionality that benefits the technician, the office users and their distributors. The use of bundling delivers not only more flexibility to our customers but also provides them with the opportunity to be more efficient, without any loss of inventory details,” said Matthew Christus, Chief Customer Officer.

The feature enhances MarginPoint’s already comprehensive inventory control and management solution, allowing users to create an unlimited number and variety of product bundles. After setting up the new bundles, warehouse personnel and service technicians will save time and complete projects more quickly when they can:

– Create pre-set kits to be used in a routine repair or installation.

– Swap out items to accommodate unique job requirements.

– Indicate which items in a bundle are required and which are optional, reducing errors while allowing for multiple tiered installation options.

– Instantly confirm that all needed items are available and see where they are stored, whether in a warehouse, truck or somewhere else.

– Quickly “issue” the used parts when the bundle is returned to the warehouse, saving even more time while accurately tracking inventory usage

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