Real-Time Visibility: Inventory Control Solutions from Anywhere

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Many companies often tell us that managing their inventory is a challenge and managing inventory with multiple locations (whether it’s a warehouse, truck or stockroom) is an even bigger struggle. Because manual methods of inventory management don’t allow for real-time data and insights on inventory, businesses struggle to accurately monitor usage or predict future trends.

Real-time inventory visibility is critical because it allows companies to check inventory levels at any location, at any given time. This equals improved inventory control right down to the truck, the worker and the customer, something that traditional methods just don’t offer. An effective inventory control plan should offer an accurate window into material usage in every aspect of the business, minimizing shortages and stock-outs and improving job completion rates.

The MarginPoint Mobile Inventory management solution is cloud-based and offers businesses the visibility they need to maintain inventory through automated restock workflows. Minimum and maximum stock levels can be customized for the employee (based on specialty), the truck or the job — helping companies avoid both shortages and excess inventory. Another benefit of real-time data is that if for some reason a part or tool isn’t on one vehicle in the fleet, a quick look at a mobile device can locate it on another vehicle/location. This ability to quickly connect workers with the right parts saves time and money.

Companies are not locked into a specific supplier for auto replenishment. Our mobile inventory solution includes the functionality to price-check multiple suppliers, enabling businesses to choose the best products at the best price.

Running out of inventory can be costly, especially when it has an impact on productivity. Real-time inventory control can help businesses make smarter scheduling decisions, avoid downtime and effectively manage inventory across entire fleets.

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Author: Scott Berlin