What Would You Do with An Extra 4 Hours Per Day?

  • Posted by: Scott Berlin

Time is money.

Any busy contractor knows this is true. It’s the very premise that helps you bid on jobs, schedule work and anticipate the labor hours you’ll need to get the job done profitably. Contractors also know that time management is a never-ending battle and a constant source of stress.

According to this article on For Construction PROS, in the construction industry alone, employees spend an average of 90 minutes looking for necessary items to get their work done. That’s 1.5 hours per employee per day wasted looking for the tools and materials they need to complete a job. That’s not all. Think about all the time your technicians spend trying to manage inventory on their own by writing down all the parts they use on customer jobs. What if you could alleviate those headaches and cut down on unplanned purchases with a simple, automated tool?

Contractors looking to minimize wasted time and maximize productivity can benefit from implementing mobile inventory management software from MarginPoint. A mobile inventory management system like this can help contractors monitor and track inventory transactions at the point of use. Then, the system generates demand signals when inventory falls to minimum levels, triggering automated fulfillment. By ensuring inventory levels are well maintained, both on trucks and in the warehouse, shortages are eliminated. Here are just a few ways you could begin saving time every single day:

  1. Save Time with More Efficient Operations
    Reduce time that technicians spend writing down the parts and materials used on each customer job. These methods are usually ineffective and don’t consider operator error or forgetfulness. Mobile inventory management solutions can also eliminate time in the back office entering inventory data into spreadsheets.
  2. Save Time with Fewer Unplanned Purchases
    Reduce the amount of wasted time that occurs when technicians must run out to the local hardware store because they don’t have the right parts on hand to complete a job. All those errands add up and not only delay the job, but these spot buys are often more expensive.
  3. Complete More Jobs Per Day
    MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory management solution offers real-time inventory data to help you make smarter scheduling decisions. In fact, on average contractors can expect to complete one more job per technician per day with this software. Your technicians will have the right parts on the truck when they need it. This also helps you retain top-notch technicians by giving them the ability to make more money per day.

Effective inventory management can not only save you time and money from unnecessary emergency purchases, the detailed consumption data it provides can help your company go lean, reduce carrying costs and consolidate purchase orders.

Learn more about MarginPoint’s Mobile Inventory management solution.

Author: Scott Berlin