Distributor Leverages MarginPoint in Jobsite Tool Trailers

MarginPoint is proud to partner with Midland Tool & Supply, a construction tool and equipment distributor based in Oak Park, Mich., as they deliver efficient and effective onsite tool trailers for their customers. Midland’s tool trailers are fully equipped to meet high-demand needs during large construction projects (outages, shutdowns and turnarounds).

Midland’s tool trailers are equipped with MarginPoint barcoding and inventory replenishment software. The software is accessed from the trailer with a cellular-enabled iPad at a built-in workstation. MarginPoint’s technology provides barcode and QR scanning of products as they leave the trailer shelves resulting in immediate inventory updates and instant processing of inventory replenishment requests, if needed. Users can also use bin mapping, search inventory, access product photos and create customizable usage and expense reporting. MarginPoint’s inventory replenishment software is compatible with IOS and Android and ensures prompt restocking.

Distributors like Midland Tool & Supply that implement MarginPoint Mobile Inventory are improving customer service and growing wallet share by providing a single solution that addresses the full inventory management workflow for contractors. MarginPoint’s new Advanced Insights platform further leverages the customer, distributor, technician, purchasing and inventory data generated by our mobile inventory solution.

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